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We welcome applicants seeking research opportunities as postdoctoral research fellows, graduate students (Doctoral and Master's) and undergraduate research assistants.  Incoming graduate students and postdocs generally have prior research experience in evolution, genetics and/or genomics.   

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Opportunities for Postdoctoral Research

The Katju lab welcomes applications for postdoctoral research from scientists with complementary research interests in experimental evolution, molecular evolution, and questions pertaining to the rate and spectrum of spontaneous mutations and the origin of novel gene functions.  Given our current and future research direction, we especially welcome applicants with research expertise in bioinformatics and  computational biology with proficiency in programming languages and experience in analyzing next-generation sequence data in an evolutionary context, especially RNA-Seq data.  Please contact me directly to discuss funding opportunities as well as provide information on your research backgroud (CV) and why you perceive our laboratory and University as being an appropriate fit for you.  
Contact Dr. Katju directly by clicking here to email.

Opportunities for Graduate Study

We are continuously on the lookout for motivated and excellent graduate students to join our team.  Currently, we are looking to recruit two to three graduate students.  Graduate admissions are handled by individual departments or graduate programs (IDPs).  Dr. Katju is affiliated with the following interdepartmental graduate programs at TAMU:

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Doctoral Program  

Graduate Program in Genetics 
The links above provide information on each program, the core curriculum and policies for funding and admission.  Further information 
can be accessed from the program directors.  Please contact me directly (click here to email) and provide background on your research experience, future research interests, your CV and a brief commentary on why you perceive our laboratory and University as being an appropriate fit for you.    

Opportunities for Undergraduate Research

We periodically have openings for undergraduates to gain hands-on research experience under the mentorship of graduate students or postdoctoral research scholars.  Preference is given to students interested in evolution, genetics and genomics.  

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