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U Bergthorsson, S Singh, A Konrad, T Belicard, T Beltran, V Katju*, and P Sarkies*. 2019. Long-term experimental evolution reveals purifying selection on piRNA-mediated control of transposable element expression. In review. (access bioRxiv preprint here)
* joint corresponding authors

JJ Dubie, AR Caraway, MM Stout, V Katju*, and U Bergthorsson*. 2019. The conflict within: origin, proliferation and persistence of a spontaneously arising selfish mitochondrial genome. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences, special issue "Linking the mitochondrial genotype to phenotype: a complex endeavour” (eds. Liliana Milani and Fabrizio Ghiselli). In press.

* joint corresponding authors
Invited, peer-reviewed research article

A Konrad, MJ Brady, U Bergthorsson, and V Katju. 2019. Mutational landscape of spontaneous base substitutions and small indels in experimental Caenorhabditis elegans populations of differing size. Genetics 212(3):837-854(reprint).

V Katju, and U Bergthorsson. 2019. Old trade, new tricks: insights into the spontaneous mutation process from the partnering of classic mutation accumulation experiments with high-throughput genomic approaches. Genome Biology and Evolution 11(1):136-165(reprint)
Invited, peer-reviewed article

A Konrad, S Flibotte, J Taylor, RH Waterston, DG Moerman, U Bergthorsson, and V Katju. 2018. Mutational and transcriptional landscape of spontaneous gene duplications and deletions in  Caenorhabditis elegansProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 115(28):7386-7391 (link).
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V Katju
, LB Packard, PD Keightley. 2018. Fitness decline under osmotic stress in Caenorhabditis elegans populations subjected to spontaneous mutation accumulation at varying population sizes. Evolution 72(4):1000-1008. (link)

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U Bergthorsson, and V Katju. 2016. Gene copy-number changes in evolution.  eLS, 1-11.  John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Chichester.  (link) doi: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0026319
Invited, peer-reviewed article   

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V Katju, and U Bergthorsson. 2013. Copy-number changes in evolution: rates, fitness effects and adaptive significance. Frontiers in Genetics 4:273. (reprint)      
Special Issue titled "Structural variation in Genomes: Ecological and Evolutionary Implications," eds. FJ Chain and PG Feulner.
Invited, peer-reviewed article  


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Invited, peer-reviewed article         
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Invited, peer-reviewed article 

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Invited, peer-reviewed article 

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