Speciation Genetics

VIBS/GENE/EEBL 689, Fall 2018, 3 credits
Tues, Thurs 11:10 am - 12:25 pm, VIDI 127
Special topics course for graduate students being offered in Fall 2018
Previous coursework in Genetics and Evolution
General Theme: 
A review of the literature on the origin of species from pre-Socratic times leading to Darwin's theory, and continuing through contemporary studies in this genomic era. This course aims to provide an overview of several major topics in speciation biology with special emphasis on the genetics of speciation.        Organization: 
Combination of lectures, journal clubs, student-led discussion with a heavy reading component. 


Biomedical Genetics
BIMS/GENE/ 320, Fall 2017, 3 credits
Time: Tues, Thurs 2:20-3:35 pm

Junior or senior classification; BIMS major with a minimum 2.5 overall TAMU GPA.
General Theme: 
Fundamental genetic principles as applied to biomedical science; Mendelian inheritance; DNA structure, replication, transcription and translation and  genetic linkage, mutation and variation, molecular basis of gene function and inherited disease; oragnization of bacterial and eukaryptic chromosomes; molecular basis for evolution; gene interaction and regulation; molecular genetic analytical methods; genomics; population genetics and evolution at the population, species and molecular levels.
Lectures, readings, homework assignments 

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